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PPAPER Man, June 11, 2015

Tom Hardy/Interview
BY ㅈ ㅏ몽

PPAPER Man, June 11, 2015 

“The more dazzling the truth through the dark man TOM HARDY”

Adding this poetic google transl. of the magazine’s blurb:

Man’s true nature and his beard 

From false to true, the men have different levels and types. He may not be a woman, and woman’s confidant; he may look odd affectation, but in fact sincere heart; he may dress in good faith, but it is a selfish liar; or, he is so true nature, he is what women are looking for, the one and only true love.

Spring wind blowing, the true nature of man peach, their energy, their creation, in love or in love fighting on the battlefield fighting, God is here, no hate, only love.

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