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Tom Hardy/Interview
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I need to have short hair because of the wig that I’m wearing in the film that I’m doing with Alejandro at the moment. This beard is also because of that movie we’re shooting right now. So Leo and I are both wearing beards until we finish ‘Alejandro’s Beast. Yeah, that’s why I look so good at the moment.


“Everybody knew that (a new) ‘Mad Max’ was out there and that they were casting. I was on the set with Joel Edgerton at the time, shooting ‘Warrior’ when he received the script. I thought, oh well, that’s quite right that it went to an Australian. I won’t pay it any more mind. Then we carried on shooting ‘Warrior.’ 


“But when I was doing ‘Inception’ after ‘Warrior,’ George hadn’t found his Max yet. He was still looking at various actors. I was asked to come in and meet George and Nico Lathouris (cowriter) as dramaturg.” 

Actors went through a unique audition process where they were asked to read from their pick of five radically different scenarios.


 “we had a conversation but it turned into a different affair altogether. We sat and talked for a couple of hours about theater and character analysis—nerdy stuff which I really like.


Human dimension

“Women should be celebrated more across the arts,”

“It’s fantastic that Charlize is leading this. She has such a profoundly unique character.”


Women play an important role in his life, Tom claimed. 

“My mom (Anne Hardy) is the most special woman in the world, next to my wife (Charlotte Riley) and hopefully, one day, maybe a daughter.

Women are the most profoundly important people who supported my growth and development as a person. 

My relationship with my mother and strong women—their support and innate wisdom have helped me carve my way through today. 

So, I have tremendous and profound respect for women

. But I am still human. My wife would probably pick me apart for still being irritating (laughs). I’m a bloke, you know.”


Do I know anything about cars, maintenance and engineering?”

he repeated the question aloud. “No,”

“Nothing, so I can only drive an automatic. I learned to drive when I was 30 because I live in London. 

We have the Tube. You also get around on buses.

 You have sneakers on so you can use your feet and walk. You get out in the rain and enjoy that.


“I didn’t really see much need for a car until I was 30. I had to take my partner at the time (Rachael Speed) to the hospital so she could give birth to Louis (their son, born in 2008). So, I learned to drive.”

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